Bezpieczny InternetBezpieczny InternetBezpieczny Internet
Bezpieczny InternetBezpieczny InternetBezpieczny Internet
Bezpieczny InternetBezpieczny InternetBezpieczny Internet
Robiąc zakupy w e-sklepie sprawdź, czy oprócz danych kontaktowych został upubliczniony - wymagany ustawą - numer NIP. Sprawdź również informacje w Internecie, w celu zapoznania się z opiniami na temat danego oferenta.
 Piątek, 23 sierpnia 2014 r. 234 dzień roku
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Z dniem 31.08.2014 redakcja kończy działalność.
Adresy e-mail w domenie przestają być aktywne z datą 12.08.2014.
Kontakt w sprawie kupna domeny: Katarzyna Wojciechowska, biuro[at]

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od 15 luty 2006r.

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Dodaj   Usuń - safe Internet - stop Internet fraud!
Each one of us is different. We differ in our ages, interests and lifestyles. But we have been united by the Internet and one basic goal: stop, or do everything in our power to stop, online intimidation by people who use the Internet for their shady dealings and force us to look at things we don’t want to read or see or that are menacing to our children.
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Our Goals

In our free time we try to help the people who come to us with all sorts of disturbing concerns. The Internet isn’t clear to everybody, some people have problems navigating the web. Many internet concepts are just plain black magic for many people, which we see time and time again in the correspondence we receive.

One of the reasons why we created is to help people who are having a problem online and can’t really cope with it or need support in attempting to solve it. They’re primarily people like us: consumers. Of course, that’s not to say that every consumer is always right, but in the majority of cases we’ve seem, righteous causes have become the impulse for taking action.

We are throwing down the proverbial gauntlet to anyone who builds a fake business with minimum funds and in violation of the law, often preying upon the ignorance or naivete of Internet users, simply seeking to do people harm.

In summary, our goals are as follows:
  • To ensure the safety and propriety of the Polish Internet from a legal, ethical and moral point of view,
  • To protect the rights of children and adolescents in the new information technologies, and particularly to strive to legally rid the Polish Internet of the exploitation of children and adolescents as objects of sexual desire by publishing pornographic photographs of them,
  • To work with applicable government and prosecuting agencies and other organizations to eliminate illegal business online, and to identify and make public the practices of people who act to the detriment of Internet users,
  • To disseminate knowledge about online business,
  • To support fair competition policies among companies and persons doing business online,
  • To disseminate knowledge about new information technologies and netiquette policies among Internet users and non-users.

About Us

InterPatrol started as a separate service in January 2006, although it has been reporting since February 2003. Initially we were named the BOWI Group and fought intellectual property theft, more widely known as plagiarism, with varying effects.

As time went on, matters started taking a larger turn than we had planned. The BOWI Group began receiving information on other online crimes and misdemeanors; for example, we received the addresses of websites with pornographic material, child and animal pornography, that were not child-protected. In time, the BOWI Group also started receiving information on Internet fraud.

In early January 2006 we decided to form a separate entity with Internet user-reporters dealing with matters other than plagiarism. That’s how started. It was initially headed by Konrad Baskiewicz, and then by current Editor-in-Chief Artur Woyciechowski.

Our Operations is an online investigative journalism site which primarily prefers to engage in effective dialog. However, when persons or companies are unwilling to arbitrate, we collect case material until there isn’t a shadow of a doubt as to who has been victimized and who is the "shady character". We publish that material on our website and allow it to be reprinted, and provide all the information we gather to the Police departments concerned.

We should remember that we ourselves are also responsible for our online security. When we look upon various bad deeds passively and do nothing, we are really giving our involuntary consent to those bad deeds.

Due to the reputation we have built up over the years and our operations in defense of Internet users, there is a growing number of InterPatrol supporters. They are both private persons as well as companies who do business online.

Your Help is Wanted

We are seeking similar organized groups of Internet users outside of Poland, who would like to work with The Internet is boundless, and there are some matters that go beyond the borders of our country. By working together, we could be more effective in combating cases when dishonest Polish businesspeople put their websites on servers in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries. We could thus be of assistance in our Partners’ investigations.

Please contact our reporter Malgorzata Dosla in English. Send any news you may have to Malgorzata Dosla e-mail

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